Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring

Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring

CapSafe Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring is a single-use injector with a capsular tension ring preloaded in it. A CTR is a high flexible clear PMMA (polymethyacrylate) ring used for expansion and stabilization of the capsular bag to facilitate a safe IOL implantation and maintain a good IOL centration.

  • The Preloaded CTR can be injected through an incision of 3.00 mm.
  • Long insertion tube which is helpful in cases of deep set eyes.
  • Safety spring function to avoid accidental detachment of the CTR during implantation.
  • Both clockwise and anticlockwise implantation models are available.
  • Implantation direction engraved on the Injector Body.
  • Secure snap-fit blister and medical grade peel open pouch packaging.
  • Anticipated zonular dehiscence.
  • Lens subluxation.
  • Expected complications during phaco surgery.
  • Implantation of foldable IOLs.
  • High risk myopic eyes.
  • User friendly loading procedure.
  • Smooth and controlled implantation of the CTR.
  • Tapered tip for easy incision entry.
  • Circular expansion and stabilization of the capsular bag.
  • Reduced risk of capsular shrinking.
  • Safe IOL centration in eyes with zonular dehiscence.
  • Stabilized conditions during phaco surgery.
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