Capsule Care (A Capsular Bag Supporting Device)

Capsule Care (A Capsular Bag Supporting Device)

Capsule hooks are used for temporary support of the capsular bag during cataract surgery when the zonules are weak or in case of subluxated lenses.

  • Capsule hooks are made of Nylon with an adjustable silicon lock
  • Designed such that the hook is angled to be in the plane of the anterior capsule
  • Easy to get a firm and reliable grip on the rim
  • Tip of the hook is rounded to prevent any accidental damage to the peripheral capsule while placing the hooks in the bag
  • The round tip also provides a larger support area per hook thereby reducing the number of hooks required in each surgery
  • Silicon lock helps in retaining the hook in the retracted position during the surgery
  • CE Certified
Product Code Descripton Qty. per box
MIPL/D8 Capsule Hooks 5 pcs. (Sterile)
  • Maintains the position of the capsule during phaco
  • Supports the fornix as well as the capsulorhexis rim, so that the peripheral capsule isn’t attracted towards the phaco tip
  • Avoids the problem of the capsular tension ring trapping cortex
  • Prevents zonular stress during nuclear rotation
  • Makes it possible to perform posterior chamber phaco even with subluxated lenses having minimum zonular support
  • Easy to insert and remove
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