Buonsanti Dual Hook: Innovation & Production between Argentina & India

Another perfect example of innovative devices that can be offered to our society when ophthalmologists with innovative product ideas and the industry work together. Through the collaboration of a renowned Argentinian ophthalmologist Dr. Dante Buonsanti and Madhu Instruments Pvt Ltd (MIPL), an innovative device “Buonsanti Dual Hook” has been developed that allows safer and precise surgeries for complex cataract cases. The need for joint work arose when Dr Buonsanti was “looking for a brand that has a vision of high quality, reliability and most importantly innovation. Not all companies in the ophthalmic field take initiative to work on new ideas proposed by specialist doctors. The R & D team of MIPL integrated their skills with Dr. Buonsanti’s idea to produce the innovative “Buonsanti Dual Hook.”

New Product Launch "Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring"

It is a proud moment in MIPL as a new feather has been added in our cap by introducing the ‘Preloaded CTR’. There are only a couple of manufacturers of this product worldwide. This is MIPL’s yet another product that has immediately become popular with the doctors. Though our R&D and Production teams played the most important role in the success of  our “Preloaded CTR”, we believe that other departments also have their own significant contributions.

Dr. Satish C. Gupta: Recognized as an UNSUNG HERO by AAO

We are proud to announce that Dr. Satish C. Gupta, Founder of Madhu Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has been recognized as an UNSUNG HERO by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology has an abundance of unsung heroes who save sight, sometimes overcoming great challenges to deliver medical and surgical eye care. In 2020, the Academy is featuring stories about some of these heroes. Their colleagues nominated them for quietly serving the underserved, mentoring the next generation and sharing their skills with the world.

Why Dr. Gupta is an unsung hero: “He has a rich experience in his field having performed over 75,000 eye surgeries. A lion’s share of those surgeries were humanitarian. His innovative skills have led to development of 30 high-quality ophthalmic devices, which are available to Indian and international communities at a reasonable cost.”

Madhu Instruments

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