Capsule Support Segment (CANABRAVA Gupta Segment)

Capsule Support Segment (CANABRAVA Gupta Segment)

Canabrava Gupta Segment

Canabrava Gupta Segment (Capsule Support Segment) is a partial ring of clear PMMA covering approximately one quadrant with a specially designed scleral fixation arm for permanent fixation.

  • Blunt-tipped eyelets to aid in the insertion of the ring.
  • Additional eyelet to suture the ring to scleral tissue for better stability of the capsular bag.
  • Special angle of the scleral fixation arm avoids tilting during the surgery
  • The eyelet is projecting anteriorly which allows it to sit outside the capsular bag.
  • Due to the small size of the segment it is easier to insert inside the bag.
  • Cases with extreme zonular weakness.
  • Cases with missing zonules larger than 4 clock hours.
  • Lens subluxation.
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