Lacrimal Cannula

Lacrimal Cannula

Disposable ophthalmic cannula used for the treatment of canaliculus system stenosis or nasolacrimal duct obstruction.

Product CodeDescripton with GaugeQty. per box
MIPL/E5/7.5X23G-RLacrimal Intubation Set 7.5cm, 23g (Regular)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/7.5X23G-OLacrimal Intubation Set 7.5cm, 23g (Olive Tip)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/11X23G-RLacrimal Intubation Set 11cm, 23g (Regular)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/11X23G-OLacrimal Intubation Set 11cm, 23g (Olive Tip)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/15X23G-RLacrimal Intubation Set 15cm, 23g (Regular)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/15X23G-OLacrimal Intubation Set 15cm, 23g (Olive Top)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/17.5X23G-RLacrimal Intubation Set 17.5cm, 23g (Regular)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/17.5X23G-OLacrimal Intubation Set 17.5cm, 23g (Olive Top)10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/4.5/REG-STDacryocystorhinostomy (DCR), Straight, 4.5cm, 20G10 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E5/4.5/REG-STDacryocystorhinostomy (DCR), Angled, 4.5cm, 20G10 Pcs. (Sterile)
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