Capsule Polishers

Capsule Polishers

Disposable ophthalmic cannula used for removing debris from the posterior, anterior, and equatorial regions of the capsular bag.
Micro etched tips are slightly roughened for gentle polishing.

Product CodeDescripton with GaugeNeedle LengthQty. per box
MIPL/E12/A1Capsule Polisher (Kratz), 21G22mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E12/A2Capsule Polisher (Kratz), 23G22mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E12/A4Capsule Polisher (Kratz), 25G25mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E12/A5Capsule Polisher (Kratz), 27G25mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E12/A3Capsule Polisher (Pearce) Olive Tip, 25G25mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
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