Air Injection & Irrigation Cannula

Air Injection & Irrigation Cannula

Disposable ophthalmic cannula used for maintaining or forming anterior chamber and irrigating cornea during surgery.
It may be used for injection or removal of air, fluids & viscoelastic substances during an ophthalmic surgery.

Product CodeDescripton with GaugeNeedle LengthQty. per box
MIPL/E8/A5Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 16G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A6Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 19G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A7Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 20G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A8Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 21G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A1Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 23G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A2Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 25G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A9Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 26G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A3Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 27G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A10Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 28G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/A4Anterior Chamber Cannula (Rycroft), 30G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
Product CodeDescripton with GaugeNeedle LengthQty. per box
MIPL/E8/B1Viscoelastic Cannula, 23G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/B2Viscoelastic Cannula, 25G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
MIPL/E8/B3Viscoelastic Cannula, 27G22 mm50 Pcs. (Sterile)
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