Trephine Punch (Vacuum)

Trephine Punch (Vacuum)

Nanoedge Phaco

The Nanoedge Trephine Punch (Vacuum) is designed to take out a circular corneal button of predetermined diameter from the donor cornea in a corneal transplant procedure. Cutting action of the Trephine Punch is assisted by a manual Vacuum mechanism, which holds the corneal firmly in place while the cutting is being performed.

  • This device features ultra sharp trephine blade mounted in a white nylon housing with four stainless steel guide pins
  • Designed to give a consistently accurate, uniform and perpendicular cut
  • A cutting block base with four corresponding holes helps in automatic centering of the trephine blade over the donor corneal tissue
  • A spring based Syringe system (to create the vacuum) is attached to the cutting block base through a silicon tubing
  • A blue nylon spacer ring is provided to prevent trephine blade edge getting damaged during transportation and storage
  • A seating ring housing with four stainless steel guide pins is provided to make sure that the cornea is in complete contact with the cutting block white base creating a vacuum
  • See through design helps in accurate positioning
  • Individually packed and sealed in an inner blister and an outer peel open pouch
  • EO Sterile
  • CE Certificate
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