Green Touch (Lissamine Green Strips)
Rose Touch (Rose Bengal Strips)
December 27, 2016
Iris Care (Flexible Iris Retractors)
December 28, 2016
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These strips work by staining the cornea blue upon instillation. This causes “speckling” of the cornea, which gives the user
immediate indication of any dry patches, as well as any muco-deficient or damaged corneal cells.

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  • Used to stain preferentially damaged or devitalized cells
  • To indicate any dry patches, as well as any mucus-deficient or damaged corneal epithelial cells
  • It does not stain healthy, proliferating ocular surface cells and has a minimal effect on cell viability
  • It does not sting the eye like Rose Bengal, and a white light or blue light can be used on the slit lamp during detection
  • Available as sterile strips in individual pouches
  • Each strip is impregnated with approximately 1.50 mg of Lissamine Green
  • Innovative peel open packing with transparent film on one side